FFXIV 10th anniversary event sees players being mass murdered by older content

Published: 2023-08-28T06:46:30

  ❘   Updated: 2023-08-28T06:46:43

The 10th anniversary Moogle Treasure Trove event has seen the Final Fantasy XIV player base mass murdered as they attempt to run old content for Tomestones.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently celebrating its 10th birthday. The hit MMORPG has come a long way since its humble beginnings to the point where it now remains as one of the most popular MMOs available on the market, with players from all over the world adventuring across Eorzea.

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The game is celebrating its anniversary through various events, one that includes the return of the Moogle Treasure Trove, a popular in-game activity that grants rewards. In order to gain these rewards, players have to farm tomestones by completing the listed activities, these can range from dungeons, raids, and alliance raids.

The developers often put previously released optional content into the list of activities to incentivize players to run it. This was the exact case for the 10th-anniversary version of the event, which saw the Alliance Raid Dun Scaith featured as a premier activity. Unfortunately, Dun Scaith is a pretty difficult raid, with a challenging first boss who has been mass murdering players.

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FFXIV event has players being mass murdered by alliance raid boss

Combat in FFXIV has a general rule that each time the player makes a mistake, they receive a vulnerability up stack. These stacks mean the player takes more damage from all attacks, which generally means they can make one or two mistakes before tanking the floor. However, in Dun Scaith, the boss has a tonne of moves that can instantly kill you if you don’t know how to solve the mechanic.

The alliance raid was also released back in Heavensward, which means many players who joined after the fact would’ve never experienced it before, making them completely unbeknownst to the deadly first boss.

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As a result, Deathgaze Hollow is mass decimating alliances with its instant kill moves, knocking parties off the airship or sucking them into its deadly AOE. Fortunately, with the fight being the first of the raid, parties are able to wipe and start all over again, letting them try once more for their Moogle Tomestones.

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